7 Fantastic uses for your Photo booth Images, Videos and GIFs!

So, you have had an amazing Event, Party or Wedding… Our SelfieBox photo booth mesmerized everyone and the night was a huge success. But what about all the images, videos and GIF’s that were taken? Here are 7 Fantastic uses for your photo booth images, videos and GIFs!

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7 uses of SelfieBox Photo booth images - Blog - July 2020

1. Share on Social Media Channels


We offer sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SmugMug, directly from our SelfieBox photo booths. Instantly share your selfies, videos, animated or boomerang GIFs (just some of our superb features), it couldn’t be simpler! The beauty of sharing to Social Media is that it lives on forever in the Digital World, unless of course you decide to delete your profile. 🙂


2. Share to SMS and Email


Our SelfieBox photo booths offer direct messaging of the Photo booth images or videos via SMS or Email. Simply type in your cell number on the touch screen or provide your email address. We link directly through Twilio, so you can customize your message that gets received too! Because we always have our phones with us, an SMS can be very useful to quickly get the link to your Photo booth images, GIFs or video.


3. Customized / Personal Microsite


With our HaloBox, Tuxedo, Vintage and SelfieBox Shift, you receive a free Customized Microsite with all your Photo booth images, videos and GIFs. This enables you to instantly have access to all the Pictures, GIFs and Videos as they happen! From the Microsite, you can download and share, as well as being able to view the entire Gallery. Your Microsite can be customized with Logos, header, footer and custom messages. Ideal if you want to add that personal touch for every guest at your Event.


4. Instant and Unlimited Prints


When we say instant, we mean instant… well, under 12 seconds! And more importantly, when we say Unlimited, we mean no limits to the number of copies. Not just sessions, but actual Printouts. Photo booth images that are printed are a great way for you and your guests to remember the occasion. We also provide free magnets, so that you can put that silly picture on your fridge right away.


5. Digital copies on USB


One of the best things about our SelfieBox photo booth hire is that you receive a 16Gb Flash Drive (USB) with all the Photo booth images, GIFs and Videos taken from the Event. We also provide the Original folder, so that you can use the high quality photos later to Print onto Canvas or Banners.


6. Gifts for your Guests


When you’re arranging any event, you’ve got a lot to think about. Luckily, a SelfieBox photo booth is an effort-free addition to the occasion. Especially when you can provide your guests with the gift of printed photos! This is ideal for Wedding favours or as momentos at parties. We now offer Printing directly onto Stickers, which can totally revolutionilize your event! Print stickers that can go onto tooth picks, mints or anything that you can think of.


7. Guest books or Albums


SelfieBox photo booths can print multiple sizes of printouts, including strips (5cm x 10cm), jumbo (10cm x 15cm), 15cm x 15cm (square) and 20cm x 15cm. We can also print one strip photo to have 3 photos on it and the other to have one image and lines for writing a message. The possibilities are endless and this is what makes it perfect for a Guest book or Album. 


The best part about when you hire a SelfieBox photo booth from us, is that it will always provide value! The Photo booth images, GIFs and Videos can be used for anything and everything and the knowing that your images will never get lost just adds to the benefits. 


Have a look at our Features and Benefits page or Photo Booths page to see what makes SelfieBox the Elite photo booth company in South Africa! We are not bragging, we really are the leading GIF, Video and Photo booth company in SA – with a total of 44 booths, 15 different types of photo, GIF and video booths and 5 branches across Southern Africa.


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