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10 Photo booth FAQ's answered by SelfieBox™ South Africa!

We have compiled a list of FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) related to our SelfieBox Photo booths, GIF and Video booths as well as the features and services we offer.  
Please feel free to pop us an email if your answer is not listed below or if you are unable to see it in one of our videos under the Features tab.
SelfieBox photobooth Team - Gauteng


10 Photo booth FAQ's answered! - Blog - Aug 2020


A list of your most frequent questions:


1. How much space is required for your SelfieBox booths?


2. Can I split up my photo booth hire hours?


3. How does the setup work and what is the SelfieBox attendant’s role?


4. Can any of the SelfieBox range of booths be used outside?


5. Do you provide backdrops and what are the sizes?


6. How do I get the digital copies of my photos?


7. Do you provide on-site Printing?


8. How does the Photo, GIF or Video booth work?


9. Do you custom design the Photo Template?


10. Where do you offer your Photo booth rental services?


Answers to set you at ease:


1. How much space is required for your SelfieBox booths?


SelfieBox booths are extremely compact – the actual dimensions are from 0.5 meter by 0.5 meter by 1.5 meter in height for our HaloBox or Tuxedo; and 1m x 0.5m for our SelfieBox or Nano We require a 1m x 2m area at the most and can set up in any area as long as we have a level surface. All our booths are open-air mobile booths (no curtains or framing), except for the Inflatable booths which are 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m in size.


2. Can I split up my photo booth hire hours?


Of course you can, we have made provision for this and introduced Idle time / hours. For every hour you wish to have the booth off and not in-use, you will be charged an “Idle hour” this means you can have the booth on only at the times you wish – this will maximize your usage and allow you to fully take advantage of the photo booth. Many bridal couples use this at their Weddings, e.g. an hour usage during the Canapes or Couples shoot and then a few Idle hours during dinner and speeches, followed by another 2 or hours usage after 8pm for instance.


3. How does the setup work and what is the SelfieBox attendant’s role?


We send a SelfieBox attendant with every type of function or event. We have an extremely compact and efficient setup, so one Attendant will suffice 95% of the time. Should you require additional features like photos in sleeves, Card printing, sticker printing or Mosaic walls – we will send an additional Attendant. All our Attendants are dressed in black – shirt, pants and shoes. Should you require different attire, please inform us prior to your event.


The Attendant will arrive an hour prior to the hire time, set up the SelfieBox or any other booth and stay there for the duration of your event. They can interact with the guests or merely be around to change paper and ink. Immediately after the hire time, they will commence with break down quietly, which usually takes about 15 mins maximum.


4. Can any of the SelfieBox range of booths be used outside?


Yes, our SelfieBox range of booths can be used indoors and outdoors. Weather permitting of course, we have to move inside as soon as it starts raining. This is a quick move though and guests can continue using the Photo or Video booth within 15 mins.


We do however recommend the use of a Gazebo or placement of the SelfieBox in the shade during the day, as the heat from direct sunlight, as well as the brightness on the subjects during the session, has an undesired effect. The shadows created on the backdrops also negatively impact the quality of the photos, especially with Green screen background removal.


5. Do you provide backdrops and what are the sizes?


We have 3 options for you!

1. You can either use your own backdrop / the venue as a background.

2. We have a Green Screen or Blue Screen banner wall that replaces the background with up to 12 different “themed” backgrounds of your choice.

3. We also have a plain white and black banner wall. Both these are 2.25m x 2.25m, so keep that in mind for the venue and spacing requirements.


6. How do I get the digital copies of my photos?


For any of the HaloBox, Tuxedo, Vintage or Shift: All the original photos and GIF’s are saved on a Custom Microsite – just for your event! We will provide you access to the Microsite with the Galleries, as well as to email you the download links. The Gallery and download is available for 6 months after your event, in case you lose your valuable images. We also back up every event’s photos – just this week we had a request from a Client that had a SelfieBox at his party in 2017 and we sent him the WeTransfer link right away! 


For the SelfieBox, Nano, InstaBox and SloMoBox, we will provide you with a FREE 16Gb USB Flash Drive with all the Customized and Original photos, directly as your hire time ends at the Event!


7. Do you provide on-site Printing?


Yes, with our “Prints-included” packages. Unlimited prints (not just sessions like some other companies catch clients out with) are included in these and there are four options to choose from: 10cm x 15cm (Jumbo size) or 5cm x 15cm x 2 (Strips), 15cm x 15cm (Square), 20cm x 15cm (Double Postcard size).


We now also offer Sticker printing in 5cm width and up to 44cm in length! Ideal for Corporate gifts, name tags or badges.


And then,… we can also print directly onto Cards in under 20 seconds! Perfect for registrations, RFID tags, name badges or Corporate gifting. 

HaloBox, Tuxedo, Shift, Vintage and Nano offers Wireless printing so the Printer can be near the photo booths or in a different area. All other SelfieBox photo booths have built-in printing.


8. How does the Photo, GIF or Video booth work?


Your guests simply stand in front of the SelfieBox, or between the booths and the backdrop and listen to one of our friendly attendants as they explain the procedure. It is very simple though – Watch the Screen, Wait for the countdown, & SMILE!!
The camera takes 3 or 4 photos (depending on your choice) approx 3 seconds apart. Your photo appears on the screen once its been taken and proceeds to the next one. On completion, your photo is printed instantly. You are also able to see yourself on the screen, so you can get the perfect pose!


We can also let the guests operate the SelfieBox photo booths themselves – this is an especially popular choice with the younger crowd as they were born with technology and can figure out the steps in seconds.


9. Do you custom design the Photo Templates?


Yes, with each event we do a Custom design for your photo template. You can simply provide our design team with the colours, theme and font that you like and they will design a few samples to choose from. From there you can correspond back and forth via email, until you are happy with your final design. We can also provide you with the branding guidelines in pdf, .psd or .cdr, if you have your own design team or if you are an aspiring designer!


Samples of past Photo templates at SelfieBox Events can be viewed on our Facebook page:


While you are there, become one of our 180 000+ Fans! We are very blessed to have such a massive following and would love it if you became part of our ever-growing fan base!!


10. Where do you offer your Photo booth hire / rental services?


Our Head Office is based in Pretoria, Gauteng. We also have SelfieBox branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Gaborone – Botswana! We do however offer service to the entire South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland!


We charge a R395 fixed amount for anywhere in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban and R3.50 per km outside these main areas. Free travelling is included for any event that is within 20km’s from our Offices!

Watch the video above to see all our Features and Photo booths in action!


Well, that completes our list of the most frequent questions about our SelfieBox photo booths! Do you have any Photo booth FAQ’s that you think we should add?


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