7 Types of Photo booths for Your Next Event or Big Occasion!

There is something fun and special about taking photos using your favourite types of photo booths. They are a fun way to capture photos, and memories during your milestone event.

With so many different types of photo booths available it can be hard working out which one to choose!

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7 Types of Photo booths - Blog

What are the different types of Photo Booths Currently Available?


1. Traditional / Enclosed photo booth – for strip design or passport photos


2. Open Air photo booth – great for large groups with open space


3. Inflatable photo booth – private and colourful


4. Green Screen Photobooth – digital backgrounds Hollywood style


5. GIF Maker photo booth – create animated and boomerang GIFs


6. Hashtag Printing photo booth / station – print out Instagram photos


7. Video photo booth – Video FX, Karaoke, Video messages


Comparing the Different types of photo booths:


1. Traditional / Enclosed Photo Booth


Traditional photo booths are the classic photo booths you may remember located in shopping centres. These types of photo booth are completely enclosed, creating a private environment for taking photos.


You have between 4 to 5 seconds between snaps to strike a pose. You then print them out in colour, black and white or sepia.


2. Open Air Photo Booth


The open-air photo booth is ideal for events with limited space. In general, open-air types of photo booths are great for photo booth hire for weddings, engagement parties, and other corporate events as you can fit large groups into the pictures.


You and your friends can choose the way you want your photo to look from a variety of layouts and features, and once you take the photo you have the option to print it out or upload and share it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


SelfieBox has a variety of these types of photo booths, including the SelfieBox, HaloBox, Tuxedo, Vintage and Nano.


3. Inflatable Photo Booth

Similar to an Enclosed photo booth, but alot more spacious! Our Inflatable photo booths are 3m x 3m and 2.5m x 2.5m, in White or Black and can fit a Green Screen and one of the Open air photo booths into it.


Also features Colour-changing LED lights, which is awesome at night or in a dark venue.


4. Green Screen Photo Booth


Become your own Super Hero with these types of photo booth.

The green screen photo booth is the most advanced photo booth available. You may have seen some in action while waiting for a rollercoaster ride at your favourite Theme Park.


These types of photobooths use leading-edge technology with a green screen and professional editing software to offer your guests hundreds of different print and background combinations to choose from. SelfieBox offers this with almost every of our types of photo booths!


5. GIF Maker Photo Booth

GIF Maker types of photo booths are very popular as a corporate photo booth for exhibition events, branding activities and offering that something a little and different to your stand.


The Gif Maker Photo Booth takes 4 to 16 photos then compiles them into an Animated GIF, Boomerang GIF or Burst GIF – ready for customers to share via their social media channels.


The most popular SelfieBox products for GIFs are the HaloBoxes, Nano and the SelfieBox Shifts.


6. Hashtag Printing Photo Booth / Station

These types of photo booths are a print station, great for encouraging guests to promote and publish posts at a large scale via their social media channels. Guests take photos using their smartphones then post them onto their Twitter and or Instagram feeds using your Event’s own custom #Hashtag.


The Hashtag printing photo booth / stations will search these social media posts and display them on screen. Guests can then choose their favourite photos and print them out instantly.


Our InstaBox™ or SelfieBox® Sidekick are our Hashtag Printing photo booths!


7. Video photo booth


SelfieBox offers various types of Video – Special Effects Video, Karaoke, Dubsmash, Lipsync, Green Screen Video and Video messaging! Guests can use the built-in Mics or we can supply the Microphones.


Moving backgrounds, Special effects with warped videos, overlays, slow motion and Music can be added.


Choose between the SelfieBox, Nano, HaloBox, 360 Spin


Well that completes our list for different types of photo booths. Do you know which type would suit your Event, Party or Wedding the best?