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7 Reasons to Hire a Photo booth for your next Event!

HaloBox at Year end-function

Most events have the usuals – Fancy decor, stage, lighting and music. Yet, what is it that you remember from your event? Usually a souvenir that was received – like a printed photo. That’s where Photo booth hire comes in! 

We will give you 7 Reasons why your next occasion cannot be without one!

It's so much more than a Photobooth... It's a SelfieBox!

About SelfieBox Elite photo booths

So you have heard of the term Photo booth and what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably a small curtained structure in which you can sit, at the bowling alley… Right? Or not? If it was still like that, there would probably be very little business for any one in this industry!

SelfieBox, Selfies and Celebs!


SelfieBox and selfies go hand-in-hand. But add some really famous Celebs and you have the perfect combo! From Arnold Schwarzenegger to SA’s own Cassper Nyovest!

“I remember all the Attendants being excited to go so that they could see Arnold Schwarzenneger and other Celebs.”

7 Fantastic uses for your Photo booth Images, Videos and GIFs!

Social Media SMS Photobooth

So, you have had an amazing Event, Party or Wedding… Our SelfieBox photo booth mesmerized everyone and the night was a huge success. But what about all the images, videos and GIF’s that were taken? Here are 7 Fantastic uses for your photo booth images, videos and GIFs!

7 Types of Photo booths for Your Next Event or Big Occasion!


There is something fun and special about taking photos using your favourite types of photo booths. They are a fun way to capture photos, and memories during your milestone event.

With so many different types of photo booths available it can be hard working out which one to choose!

SelfieBox Photo booth hire during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Photo booth hire Covid-19 regulations

We think it is extremely safe to assume that everyone has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. The entire Photo booth hire industry relies on a healthy Events industry, and the Events industry relies on the ability for us to be able to come together as a community and celebrate special days or get-togethers.

What exactly is a SelfieBox Mosaic Wall?


You have probably heard of the term “Mosaic Wall” recently… It’s a brand new, trending product and feature in the Photo booth industry! I will explain it in more detail here and hopefully you will be so excited that you will want to book a SelfieBox very soon to create your very own Mosaic Wall!

10 Photo booth FAQ's answered by SelfieBox™ South Africa!

We have compiled a list of FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) related to our SelfieBox Photo booths, GIF and Video booths as well as the features and services we offer. Some seem pretty obvious, but if you think we have missed anything – please get in touch with us. Email or WhatsApp details are in the full article, click on the read more below!

Time to book a Virtual Photo Booth? You bet!!!


What is a Virtual Photo booth, anyway? We’re all familiar with physical photo booths. They are a fantastic social activity, to bring groups of people together. They create excitement and FOMO for your event, when your guests share their photos online. A virtual photo booth can do exactly the same things for you, just online.

Why should you Hire a SelfieBox 360° Video Booth for your next Event?

SelfieBox 360 video booth

With state-of-the-art interactive tech solutions trending in the Photo booth industry, the latest is the much talked about SelfieBox 360° Video booth, also called a 360 Spin or OrbiMotion Video booth! Below, we get right into the swing of 360° Spin Video booths and why they’re such a rage for companies and brands now.

Growing a Photo booth hire Company in 2020...


When you look back at 2020 next year or a few years from now, you have the choice to see it as a year of growth or a year of despair. A year of learning to adapt, or a year of being consumed by negativity. A year where you relied more on God or a year where you drifted away… This is the 2020 journey of SelfieBox – the Elite photo booth hire Company of SA.

Start a Photo booth rental business? Buy a SelfieBox Franchise!


Have you been interested in starting your own Photo booth rental business? Always been fascinated by the vast array of GIF, Video and Photo booths available, but not sure where to start? Now it is possible to own your own! We have SelfieBox Franchises available to own, across South Africa and Namibia!

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